Those who protect and serve our community have a special place in our hearts. Every day, they leave their homes and families to serve people they have never met, but are sworn to defend.

When death occurs, funerals for public safety officers should reflect honor and respect for their service. This includes law enforcement officers, firefighters and emergency medical service workers. We believe we bring a special degree of sensitivity to a sad and tragic situation.

We provide a metal casket, our professional services, memorial book, folders, thank-you notes and up to two limousines. We will charge only for the direct cash advances (such as a clergy honorarium) or enhancements requested by the family.

As a further expression of our concern, we will also attempt to collect the Worker’s Compensation Death Benefit, any other benefits applicable, and pay these funds as a donation to the closest next-of-kin. Of equal or greater importance than the donation of our services is the professionalism and experience we bring to this situation. There is no more difficult funeral to organize and carry out. It requires a tremendous amount of planning and organization.

We script the services and practice before the event so all involved are clear on their roles. Because viewing the deceased is so important to survivors, we employ a superior preparation staff.

We are committed to doing whatever it takes to carry out a fitting final tribute. We are the best in our   field. Those who protect us and those we love deserve that.

A Letter from the Morris Family

Heroes of Public Safety Program

Most always, things go safely in our lives.  Without thought, we move from one point to another. What about the times we need help? We don’t think twice to call our men and women in uniform; people who have families of their own, time in which they sacrifice to assist us when needed.

More times than not, they’re left unthanked and recognized.  Night and day, they volunteer to be placed in harms way, their lives before ours, so we can make the memories, get to a place to heal and become better, create experiences and travel.  Because of our men and women in uniform, we are free. We are safe.

With this understanding, Morris Family wanted to show our love and admiration to them.  The Heroes of Public Safety Program was created to show our appreciation and acknowledge the good works performed. God knows we don’t want to use it ever, but knowing the program exists, we hope, puts the women and men in uniform and their families at ease in knowing our Public Safety Officers are loved and cared for.

We encourage all families to get their wishes on paper with us far in advance, so, after a long, prosperous and meaningful public service career, their wishes can be carried out exactly the way they wanted by the best; people who have honored and supported them their entire career.

Nathan Morris

The warmth and beauty of flowers will be long-remembered

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