A pen. Many would say that the gift of a custom luxury pen is outdated, a thing from the past. Before agreeing with this quick assumption, consider this. You receive a long, ten paragraph text message form a loved one. Your first thought, “I’m not reading this, it’s too long”. The same thought could be made about an email.

Now take a step back. You open a mailbox. You receive a letter. A ten paragraph letter from a loved one. Your first thought, “Whoa…” You are bombarded with feelings of care and appreciation that your loved one took the time to write you a letter.

The act means so much to you, that you save the letter. Perhaps even pass it down as a symbol of love and appropriation. Years later, your loved one has passed. They leave you a pen. The same pen used to write that letter you have saved for years. Now, it is your turn to write a letter. With this pen, which is full of memories.

With Dayspring Pens, you have the opportunity to give a gift of memories. With four brands to choose from, dozens of pens and countless personalization options you are sure to give a meaningful, useful gift that will last.

For more information, visit https://www.giftpens.com/



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