I’ve lived through a crumbling Berlin Wall, a terrorist attack which killed thousands, wars, one of which took my best friend—so many burdensome and grief-stricken moments. Now, I write in the midst of a pandemic. An event which has been unlike anything I’ve seen. It went from something not of concern, to something many feared overnight. Dr. Carroll stated it best that during such a time, we are to remain compassionate and resilient. Because, deep down, we are those things. We don’t have to be too tough now. The elderly don’t need that. We don’t need to waiver. The vulnerable need us. Leaders are the least anxious people in the room.

Dr. Carroll recently wrote, “Mr. Rogers once said that in times of crisis and catastrophe, his mother told him to look for the helpers, because there will always be people helping.” We are here. Not just us, they are all around. Principals live-streaming to their pupils, reading a story each night on Facebook to continue a sense of normalcy. Millennials delivering food to the elderly and shut in. There is good. There is resilience. Our family is here. We remain vigilant and willing. We are willing to step up at a moments notice to honor the lives of those who mean so much, while simultaneously gripping the hands of the bereaved, guiding and loving them through unchartered waters. We are here. Your family deserves the absolute best, and until I breathe no more, will continue devoting my life to seeing that through for you. Look for the helpers. We are here.

– Nathan Morris, President

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